Appealing to all types of readers

Here’s a tip to engage all your readers – use words that tie in with your particular reader’s way of looking at the world.  Ask yourself:

  • Have your words painted the picture clearly enough for the visual reader?  Are your pages set out attractively, with headings and subheadings to help guide both visual and tactile readers?
  • Aural readers understand more when you write as though you were talking to them.  Do your words have this face-to-face sound?
  • Relationships are critical for the tactile reader.  Have you referred positively to the two-way relationship between the two of you? Tactile (or kinaesthetic) readers react favourably to writing that mentions getting things done.  Does your action ending reflect this?

When you need to cater for a number of different readers, include a mixture of visual, aural and tactile appeals.  Watch for a tendency to overuse your own style, which naturally you prefer, but which – just as naturally – your readers may not.